Hello, My Name is Church

I’m not at all what you were expecting am I?  No familiar bricks, mortar, steeple, stained glass, pews, organ, or whatever else your mind sees when you think of “Church”.  No, instead I want to tell you the unexpected of who I really am, because I am a WHO, not a what.  I am someone who is impatient yet willing, frustrating yet encouraging, selfish yet giving, hypocritical yet authentic, fearful yet courageous, guarded yet vulnerable …… That’s me, and you can call me Church ….. messy yet beautiful.

The brick and mortar building is just a place to gather, it’s where I learn to be Church. It’s a place where I sing, dance, teach, listen and learn how to be a light in this dark world. I don’t always get it right, but I do try hard.

Maybe you’ve met Church and your wondering where my beauty is ….. it’s possible I’ve offended you or ignored you until one day you finally gave up and decided you were better off without me. It’s possible I didn’t notice that you were hurting and needed me ….. whatever your reasons for walking away, let me tell you how truly sorry I am, that was never my intent. I screwed up, I know. Please don’t let that be your lasting impression of me. I love you, I need you …. so please let me redeem myself, because I can show you a side of my humanness that can be so beautiful, it will leave you breathless. Just remember I have flaws that are unique to me and no matter how hard I try I make mistakes. Always remember I invite you to come as you are, so please don’t come expecting everything about me to be in order because you won’t find it. But if your looking to be inspired, uncomfortable, encouraged, humbled, and challenged, than please come and be Church with me. Because as flawed as I am I wouldn’t change my name for anything. I love being Church.


His for sowing …….


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