What Story Does My Suitcase Tell About Me?

What is that smell? I looked around the room trying to identify the source of the offending smell until finally I clued in, it was me! We had been travelling longer than anticipated and I hadn’t packed enough clothes. We had been staying in various hotels all equipped with showering facilities, however wearing dirty clothes over clean skin just wasn’t working for me. I had been wearing the same clothes for five days already but buying some new clothes in the interim just seemed like a colossal waste of money ….. and if I’m being totally honest …… money I just didn’t have.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted my mothers suitcase (if you read my last blog entry Lost In Los Banos you will understand why she wouldn’t be needing the contents of her suitcase anytime soon). Hastily, I began rummaging through her suitcase looking for something to wear, but nothing really appealed to “my” sense of style. Oddly enough I didn’t know I had a sense of style until I looked at someone else’s and realized that their style was not mine! As I stood at the edge of the bed, staring down at the clothes spread out before me, I suddenly become very aware that what I was actually looking at was the epitome of my mother ….. the story of her …. in one 9 x 14 x 22 inch suitcase. Some of the things I saw confirmed what I already knew about her, but there were other things that were new to me. Things about her I didn’t know …..

As the days and weeks have passed since that day, I have reflected on my own suitcase. If someone opened my suitcase, what would they learn about me? Even more importantly, what conclusion would they draw? What story does the contents of my suitcase reveal about my life? Would they say my suitcase was prettier on the outside and a disaster on the inside? Would they be shocked by what they found on the inside? Would they learn something they never knew about me?

It’s funny how something that seems so insignificant at the moment can change you. The contents of one suitcase and how it can summarize the essence of ones life. The mere presence or absence of items highlight what you deem important, the essentials of your life.

When I finally arrived home last week I opened my suitcases and spread them across the living room floor and looked at the contents …… What did they reveal about me? What conclusion could be drawn about my own life? Did the contents of my suitcase tell the story of a Christ-centred life, full of humility, love and service? Or did the contents reveal something different ….. if so, what needed to change?

This is how my New Years Resolution was birthed.

His for sowing,
Tiffany …… always growing, forever changing


4 thoughts on “What Story Does My Suitcase Tell About Me?

  1. Hi Tiffany
    Interesting introspection! Guessing your clothing selection is better now that you are home. Amazing how we take so many things for granted instead of just being thankful everyday for even the smallest things that God has blessed us with.
    Miss you! Was so glad we had the time together we did while you were in Windsor. At least you know you have friends everywhere who love you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure that clothing selection has gone beyond what was in suitcase ….. Which brings to another issue …. Do I really need all these clothes! You may have inspired a future post! Miss you!


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