My Last Will and Testament

Please make the following changes to my last Will and Testament

In the event of my death please pass the following information to the Mortuary Beautician.

The formula for my hair colour is as follows: Loreal Professional 4.65 with a little bit of 4 to colour the gray.

Revision: 01.11.16
Only use this formula if the following circumstance applies: I have an identifiable demarcation line, where my hair is gray on top and the rest is still the colour noted above (if I knew the name of the fake colour I would tell you, but in the world of hair dye that’s what my hair identifies as).

Revision: 02.01.16
If you think you can make a cute hair style with the new gray growth by removing said fake hair colour noted above, go ahead you have my permission. Please keep in mind that this will be the image forever burned in everyones mind of how I looked when I died. A big responsibility I know, especially considering this is how we are meeting for the first time. Me, laying on a table not breathing and you wondering who this crazy woman is leaving you these instructions. But I have great confidence that you will make the right decision.

Revision: 02.03.16
However, if my hair is gray all over then disregard everything above.

Revision: 02.03.16
You know what? Just disregard everything above …. Leave my hair however it is …. I want everyone to know the real me and that I had the courage to embrace my authentic self …. that I dared to break away from the herd, regardless of the critics I met along the way. (When I said leave my hair however it is….if it’s messy brushing it would be okay).

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter!

And so the transition begins, my journey to self acceptance  ….. I’ve decided to let my hair go Au Natural. Some have asked what that is for me. All I can say is wait and see, because I haven’t seen my natural hair colour in over 20 years myself, but I’m guessing I’ve got some glitter and sparkle buried somewhere in there that’s just dyeing to come out!

To all the Silver Sisters who have dared to go before me, who had the courage to prepare the path for me … to you I am eternally grateful.

Here is one last look at the era of Loreal Professional 4.65 with a little bit of 4 to colour the gray.


9 thoughts on “My Last Will and Testament

    1. I can’t stop obsessing about my hair. I take pictures of the skunk line everyday and then zoom in to see if anything new happened in the last 24 hrs ….. I looked through every picture in the group, read every comment. I’ve become a silver sister junky! I may need therapy when this is all over and it’s only been 27 days so far! So thanks for the encouragement I’m gonna need it!


  1. Tiffany, I have been coloring my hair since 1969. A handful of times I let it go natural (like when I was pregnant) and even embraced my silver hair (I shaved my head cause I would rather look like Uncle Fester than deal with the line of demarcation!). On my blog, I posted 97 different hair colors/styles I have had over the years. I am a color junkie. Not because I am afraid of my gray hair (it is quite beautiful, thank you Lord) but because I am an artist at heart and part of my artistic expression is my clothing and hair. Right now, I have platinum blonde and wild orchid hair. But that will change any day now as it is too “normal” for me! I have told my hubs that I want a closed casket and to put all my wild hair color photos up on a board for everyone to see!

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    1. Robyn, I’m your newest fan. I read some of your blogs this morning and I love them and you! I can totally relate to pee anxiety and hating the pop by. Pee anxiety went to a whole new level for me since moving to the Netherlands where most of the time I have to pay to pee …… So imagine having the added stress of having to pee and not being able to because you don’t have any cash on hand! I think you should open the store and the next time I’m on your side of the pond I would love to visit (the store that is!).
      For me, I can’t wait to rock my silver strands …. That’s my artsy side, more bohemian than gypsy!
      Thanks for visiting and I can’t to wait you next post!
      God bless you and your hair!


      1. Tiffany, what very kind words about my blog and me! We must be kindred spirits. Are you from the States originally? I was in the Netherlands back in 2009. My bro-in-law lived in Den Hague and worked as a court reporter for the World Court there. We visited him there for 10 days and actually flew in to Amsterdam on our trip over on Queen’s Day. What a party. I have never experienced anything like that. I come from a pretty small and sheltered town in Minnesota and what I saw that day made me feel like a quite a Pollyanna! I adored Holland. We took a train to Paris for three days and actually went to a dinner show at the Moulin Rouge (eye opener is an understatement!) but I felt so nervous in Paris as I spoke not a word of French and I was paranoid about being pick pocketed! And the bathrooms were all quite interesting every where we went! Not at all like the ones in the USA. Took tons of photos which never got backed up and when our computer crashed, we lost every single one…my husband and I are so computer illiterate. We need to rent a teenager to come and show us how everything works and then to come back every month to fix everything we screwed up again. I am so happy we have connected and I shall look forward to all your new posts….I am off now to catch up on your older ones!!!!

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