My Life as a Social Introvert (Part 1)

I dread small talk. I honestly can’t be bothered to have a conversation just for the sake of having a conversation. I don’t even understand why we call it small talk because for me its the most awkward conversation to have, there is nothing small about it.

I understand when I meet someone for the first time that it’s a necessary evil. I’m not oblivious to the fact that sometimes it’s the only way to establish a connection with someone new, but if I’m totally honest, I usually know within the first 30 seconds of “small talk” whether or not our relationship is going to move forward or not. Yet the small talk painfully continues to the point that even though I am physically standing there in front of you, my brain just grew a set of legs and has started to walk away.


Don’t get me wrong, I do love being around other humans, but I have this need to feel connected to you. The only way that happens is if we move beyond the weather onto something more meaningful. If we don’t get past the idle chit chat my brain gives up and moves on to something else. When my brain leaves and my body is left to its own devices you will notice the expressions on my face begin to malfunction. This is the point where you will ask me “What’s wrong?”. Unfortunately the longer this continues my body will eventually shut down completely and become unresponsive and then you will demand to know “Why are you so quiet?”. For the record, there is nothing wrong with me, I don’t mean to be a party pooper but truth be told all I want to do is go home instead of trying to feign interest with small talk I couldn’t care less about. Besides, my brain has found its way home and crawled into bed and has activated the homing beacon that my body must follow.


Maybe that’s another reason why I like to write. It allows you the opportunity to know me in a more authentic way. It gives you the power to decide if you want to pursue the relationship. Every time I publish my blog you get a little deeper into my world and how I view it. If you feel connected to the words I write, then the connection has been established and we have overcome the awkwardness of small talk. If on the other hand you feel nothing, that’s cool too. I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea!


Until next week…..





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