One Name Can Overcome One Word

Yesterday I woke up to find my social media flooded with prayers for Belgium. I wanted to react, to say something impactful, but instead I just sat there, staring at a blank screen with a sense of nothingness. For the longest time I honestly couldn’t even begin to put into words what I was feeling, then one word finally came to mind …. Melancholy …. one word that perfectly defines exactly how I’m feeling about the state of humanity and the world that we share …. a feeling of thoughtful sadness because I know that with the approach of Easter that something much better is possible for all of humanity.

My thoughts then flash back to my Sunday morning at Starbucks in Amsterdam with my girlfriend Francis. Over a cup of coffee she made the most profound statement …. “Many people know religion but they don’t know Jesus.” I meditated on that thought for a really long time, wondering how we got here. How did religious ideology, fundamentalism and extremism drown out the truth of the Gospel? God never once offered religion to the world, what he offered was for us to walk in the garden of Eden in relationship with him.

Suddenly I’m brought back to the present moment by a voice booming over the loud speaker, asking if everyone could stop for a moment of silence in honour of the people in Belgium that fell victim to yesterday’s atrocities. I put down my iPad and glance curiously around to see other people in their moment of silence. It takes a few moments before silence befalls the room, most heads are bowed, some eyes are closed and all I can think about …. if only everyone knew Jesus, the One and Only Name that can overcome the melancholy in the world… the symbol ➕ = ❤️ to find out how.

Have a blessed Easter


His for sowing


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