Everyday Without Fail …..

Everyday without fail ….. one of my five senses encounters the world in such a way that something stirs deep inside my soul.

Everyday without fail ….. those encounters have impacted my life and altered its course, whether I knew it or not.

Everyday without fail ….. I find myself scrambling to locate my phone so I can capture those encounters ….. those moments of impact.

Everyday without fail ….. I try frantically to type that fleeting encounter into my phone before it escapes my brain ….. lost forever in the white noise that surrounds me.

Everyday without fail ….. I feel the desire to write. That’s when I scroll through all the one word/one line impact moments I’ve captured in my phone.

Everyday without fail ….. as I read through them all, I flash back to that very moment in time. As I relive the moment, I begin to feel and start to understand the impact.

Everyday without fail ….. one of the entries beckons me to put words around that impact moment.

Everyday without fail ….. as I start to add the words, I occasionally have to stop and save it for another time. The emotion is just to raw, to private, to overwhelming ….. that I’m just not ready to share it ….. sometimes not even with myself.

Everyday without fail ….. I reassure myself that as time passes, regardless of the vulnerability I feel in that moment, every one of my moments of impact will eventually find their way onto my blog.

Everyday without fail ….. as my senses encounter something that stirs my soul, I’m reminded of this mysterious journey that we are on together at this very moment.

Everyday without fail, I am reminded that it’s no coincidence that I am on this planet together with you at this very moment in time. Even as I write these words and I let the magnitude of that thought wash over me, I am overwhelmed. It is not by chance, accident or some random event that you and I are breathing the same air at this exact moment in history.

Everyday without fail, I ask myself ….. how can I have an impact on the lives of those that I am fortunate enough to share this time in history with? You and I may never meet on this side of eternity but maybe when you read my blog, we can share a brief moment of impact. Who knows ….. maybe this is our impact moment.


His for sowing


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