The Mannequin in the Window

While Patrick is away in Spain, I find myself with that all to familiar feeling of wanderlust. So what does one do when they are overwhelmed by the feeling to explore? Well if you’re me and you have in your possession a weekend free train card, you head to the nearest station, hop on and see where life takes you. So yesterday I did just that and I found myself wandering with childlike curiosity through the beautiful city of Antwerp.

For hours I strolled through the beautiful streets of Antwerp, in awe of the renaissance styled cathedrals, drifting passed little boutiques and cafe’s nestled into centuries old houses that ever so delicately lined the narrow cobblestoned streets.  Every so often I found myself assessing the mannequin in the window, allowing that to be my compass, my guide in the decision as to whether or not the shop was Tiffany worthy…. yep, I shamefully admit, that’s actually a thing.

Sometimes the window display would be so powerful, almost hypnotic that it would draw me in. I would enter with an expectation of finding fabrics so luxurious that when I ran my fingers across them it would evoke an emotional response.  Or I would anticipate stumbling across some hidden treasure that would tantilize my senses or tempt my taste buds.  Every now and then my expectation was met and on the rare occasion I felt like Tiffany in Wonderland tumbling down the rabbit hole, finding something even more exquisite on the inside. Sadly however, more often than not, I found myself in a heap of bitter disappointment that I couldn’t wait to leave so that I could find another captivating window display…….

Today, I sit in my favorite cafe in Rotterdam on another beautiful sunny day sipping a latte machiatto and savouring every bite of a slice lemon meringue pie, soothed by the jazz music playing in the background. I find myself contemplating my surroundings and to be honest, looking at the outside of the building there is really nothing about it that would have drawn me in. Yet I love being here, there is something comfortable about it that keeps me coming back. Now as I reflect, I can’t help but wonder if I missed something magical yesterday, all because the window display wasn’t Tiffany worthy.  How many time have I missed out on opportunities and relationships that could have enriched my life and theirs all because I was to busy judging the mannequin in the window?



12 thoughts on “The Mannequin in the Window

  1. I loved this story. I love that you are brave enough to travel on your own. When you were talking about walking around looking at the shops, I so wanted to be with you. If I could go back 40 years, and be a young woman knowing what I know today, I would do whatever I could to be able to go live in Europe. Everything is so different over there. I only have my one trip to Holland and three days in Paris to compare but evenso it was magical. Please write more about the shops and cafes and photos would be so delish. Let me live virtually through you!!!!

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      1. Oh dear Lord! The thought of us three knuckleheads in Europe is just too, too frightening! We would never even make it out of our tiny local airport without my mom saying or doing something “blonde” and getting us kicked off the plane!


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