Pirelli Tires

I know, why would I be writing about tires of all things.

A few months ago Pirelli released their annual calender. I actually had no idea Pirelli even had a calender. It seems that they have been producing this calender since 1962 which has a limited circulation that includes only customers and celebrities. The ‘pin-ups’ are women that are either supermodels, actresses or a-listers of some variety. Which totally explains why I’ve never received a copy nor heard about it as I don’t fall into any of the above categories.

However, thanks to cookies and their uncanny ability to invade my privacy and track my every click on the internet, the Pirelli calender made its way on to my newsfeed. The very reason of course is the simple fact that the calender ventured into a topic that has consumed every fiber of my being and thus the majority of my internet surfing for the better part of a year…..societies perception of women and ageing.

This year’s photographer was Peter Lindbergh and as I was doing a little research about him I stumbled upon a quote that articulated the way he approaches his craft. “As an artist, I feel I’m responsible for freeing women from the idea of eternal youth and perfection.” Well that’s all it took and I immediately fell in love.


So this is me, no makeup, no Botox, no fillers, no implants, no surgery, no hair dye, no photo editing either. At 47 I am finally content, I feel no pressure to be anything or anyone other than who I am.

Happy Monday Everyone!



5 thoughts on “Pirelli Tires

  1. Good grief girl…..you are absolutely STUNNING! I don’t look as good as you even with tons of make-up and having my eyelids lifted!!! You do not need a thing to be more beautiful…you nail it already!


    1. I’m not so great accepting compliments, normally I respond with some sarcastic degrading comment about myself. However I’m not going to that to myself anymore …. I’m just going to say thank you šŸ˜‰

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  2. And you are BEAUTIFUL.
    Your spirit shines out!
    I am 67 and I wish I had gone natural and felt the way you do at your age. Mine came later…but have embraced who God has made me in the last few years.
    Love your writing btw. :))


  3. Ik begrijp helemaal wat je zegt. Ik met mijn 45 jaar heb ook steeds meer zelfvertrouwen zonder make-up, en met zilveren haren! Wijsheid – en schoonheid !! – komt met de jaren! Graag gelezen, Tiffany šŸ™‚


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