Nothing says I love you like holding a boombox above my head

55CAB22B-1AA1-46E4-8088-A036CC5B0883April 17 marks the day your presence graced planet earth. For 36 years you walked your path and I walked mine. Until the day our paths crossed in front of a mechanical bull in Las Vegas of all places.

I saw you first……

You were talking to an older couple from Texas.

When I close my eyes I can still see you wearing that black button down with your G Star jeans and that clean shaven boyish face.

I remember watching you. At first out of idle curiousity just to see if you would take the plunge and ride the bull. For some reason I continued to follow your path as you weaved through the crowd of people talking to everyone in the place as if you owned it.

While I was standing in line waiting to go to the ladies room, you walked by and our eyes connected and I felt myself smile. Feeling a little awkward I looked away as if somehow my eyes would give away my secret…..that I had been watching you.

Finally …..

I don’t recall exactly how it happened but you came over to where I was standing your lips were moving but I couldn’t hear you. Truth be told, I wasn’t listening …… I was mesmerized by the sexy accent. Once my head stopped swirling and I snapped back to reality ….. I realized you were asking me to hold onto your wallet and if I could capture your bravado on video riding the bull. I wasn’t sure if at that moment I was capable of multitasking but I was willing to give it a try.

The next thing I remember was feeling you behind me, close enough so that I could breathe in your scent. I can still feel your hand slipping into my back pocket to retrieve your wallet.

Even as I write these words the corners of my mouth begin to curl, that same feeling washes over me as my mind reminisces about that moment 2723 days ago and all the other moments in between.

That one moment was the beginning of what would become us.

So to celebrate ….. wait for it ….. I made you a mixtape so now you can take us everywhere you go.

❤️ = Me + You


Happy Birthday and Welcome Home babe!

Tiffany xx

P.S. Can you take the garbage out when you get home from the airport, it’s in the usual place 😉 see you tonight.  😘


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