Yep it’s true Ms. Type A has been doing it all wrong

Following up on my last blog post, and the pursuit of FUTURE Tiffany …… Who knew that I didn’t know how to breath? I’m sure someone knew, but I sure didn’t. Whomever you are ….. I would have appreciated a heads up before this morning. As it turns out, not only have I been breathing incorrectly, … More Yep it’s true Ms. Type A has been doing it all wrong

Bracing for Impact

I don’t know about you, but I have spent the majority of my life bracing for impact. I wonder if in some ways I’ve been sacrificing joy in some feeble attempt to avoid future pain. Possibly a way to protect myself, not giving into my vulnerability. Or maybe I have convinced myself that if I … More Bracing for Impact

47 going on 13

For some reason I woke up today and with a feeling of nostalgia (or maybe it was the two glasses of wine from last night……). A few days after my mom died passed, I was on my way to meet my dad at the airport. His trip had been planned for months and the day … More 47 going on 13

Day Fourteen

I don’t know how long I stood there with my eyes closed as the steaming water pelted my skin. The longer I stood there the saltier the water tasted as it mixed with the tears that could no longer be contained. The tension that had been building up over the last few months finally let … More Day Fourteen

Day One

I woke up this morning to the first full day of the realization that my mother no longer has breath in her lungs. It was a moment of mixed emotions, however I can’t seem to focus on any single one.  Am I sad? Am I angry? Am I disappointed? Am I relieved? Could it be … More Day One

Train Friends

Every morning I frantically search for my keys and my phone as I throw on my coat, grab my backpack and run out the door with zero regard for my neighbours as the door slams swiftly behind me. I jam my fingers into the elevator button as if the elevator has some type of magical … More Train Friends