Pirelli Tires

I know, why would I be writing about tires of all things. A few months ago Pirelli released their annual calender. I actually had no idea Pirelli even had a calender. It seems that they have been producing this calender since 1962 which has a limited circulation that includes only customers and celebrities. The ‘pin-ups’ … More Pirelli Tires

Train Friends

Every morning I frantically search for my keys and my phone as I throw on my coat, grab my backpack and run out the door with zero regard for my neighbours as the door slams swiftly behind me. I jam my fingers into the elevator button as if the elevator has some type of magical … More Train Friends

My Life In Clothes

Three months have passed since I pulled everything out of the closets in an attempt to sort through my clothes and shoes and get everything organised. I just don’t have the space for my exhaustive wardrobe and the additional accessories that go with it. So my strategy that day was to pull everything out, returning … More My Life In Clothes

Missing Me?

A few weeks ago I found myself sitting in a small cafe somewhere in northern France eating a burger of all things! Not exactly the finest French cuisine that normally comes to mind when you think of France. However I don’t fashion myself a connoisseur of fine French food, considering the moment I arrived in … More Missing Me?